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I translate my perception of the world into colours and forms which I layer onto a variety of objects from traditional canvases to recycled furniture, mirrors, frames and fabrics. My main medium is undiluted acrylic spray paint and I use small blocks of canvas or roller stencils to layer the surface of my paintings.  I often use found objects either as the ‘canvas’ or to form a collage in which they meld with the paint. These objects of ephemera have their own history which weaves its way into the body of my work, evoking a sense of the past in the present. I sometimes incorporate objects from my past to reflect my memories and my sense of attachment and cultural roots. The storytelling in my work takes the form of an invitation to explore and respond, to immerse yourself in my world of colours and forms that can resonate with emotions and memories and create new feelings through the healing, creative flow that celebrates the richness of colours and forms around us.

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